Why Study Turkish in Turkey?

Study Turkish in Turkey may be one advice some people give you when trying to find the best way to learn a language. Studying Turkish in Turkey offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture of this diverse country. With its different dialects, Turkish is spoken in a much broader geography than many realize. For example, millions of people across Europe and Central Asia speak Turkish as a native or second language, highlighting the widespread relevance of learning Turkish.

Why to  Study Turkish in Turkey?
Why to Study Turkish in Turkey?

How Does Turkish Proficiency Benefit Students in Turkey?

Turkish proficiency is not only essential for academic life in Turkey but also provides a significant advantage after graduation. Regardless of the language of instruction in your academic program, having at least a minimum level of Turkish proficiency greatly facilitates daily life in Turkey.

What Are the Language Proficiency Requirements for Admission to Turkish Universities?

While some universities in Turkey use English as the language of instruction, Turkish is the primary language of instruction in most institutions. Proficiency in Turkish may be a prerequisite for admission to many academic programs. Although, there are some universities admit students without prior knowledge of Turkish. Upon admission, international students are often offered the opportunity to attend Turkish preparatory courses. Here they receive intensive language instruction tailored to their level.

How Can Students Improve Their Turkish Proficiency in Turkey?

Students admitted to Turkish universities, particularly through scholarships covering expenses such as tuition, dormitory fees, and health insurance, often receive free Turkish language education for an academic year. Additionally, students can enroll in Turkish language courses offered by institutions such as the Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) or the Turkish and Foreign Languages Application and Research Center (TÖMER) affiliated with Ankara University.

What Resources Are Available to study Turkish in Turkey?

The Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) offers Turkish language courses to international students, both in Turkey and abroad, aiming to promote Turkish culture, language, and art globally. Students can apply for these courses before arriving in Turkey to enhance their language skills in preparation for higher education.

What is the Turkish Proficiency Exam (TYS) and How Can Students Prepare for It?

The Turkish Proficiency Exam (TYS) is a central exam administered by the Yunus Emre Institute, valid for the admission of international students to Turkish universities. This exam evaluates candidates’ competencies in reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills, and it is held three times a year. Students can access preparatory materials and exam schedules through the official TYS website for comprehensive preparation.

How Can Students Further Enhance Their Turkish Language Skills?

After arriving in Turkey, students can enroll in Turkish language courses offered by institutions. Some of them are the Turkish and Foreign Languages Application and Research Center (TÖMER). With branches in various cities across Turkey, TÖMER provides courses at different proficiency levels. This allows students to continue developing their Turkish language skills during their academic journey.

In conclusion, studying Turkish in Turkey offers numerous benefits, from academic success to cultural immersion. By taking advantage of the available resources and opportunities, students can enhance their language proficiency and fully experience the rich cultural heritage of Turkey.