What Are the Medical Study Fees in Turkey (2024/2025)?



When thinking about medical study in Turkey, one of the first things that comes to mind is the study fees. Understanding the costs is important whether you are aiming for renowned universities such as Hacettepe Medical Faculty, Medipol University, and Ankara University. It is also crucial for new institutions like Ankara Yildirim Beyazit Medical School and Istanbul Faculty of Medicine.

Medical Study Fees Turkey
What Are the Medical Study Fees in Turkey?

What are the tuition fees for medical study at Hacettepe Medical Faculty?

For international students planning to attend Hacettepe Medical Faculty, understanding the tuition fees is crucial. The 2024-2025 tuition fees stand at USD 12,000 for the Faculty of Medicine. While the fee may seem manageable compared to some international standards, please consider factors such as accommodation, living costs, and additional academic materials.

Additionally, the admission process can be challenging due to the high competition, especially for medical specialties and English-language programs.

What are the tuition fees for medical study at Ankara Medical Faculty?

Ankara University stands as another leader of medical education in Turkey, offering programs in both Turkish and English. While the cost of studying human medicine in Turkish is approximately 2900 dollars, majors taught in English comes with a higher price tag.

The university’s admission process is relatively simple, accepting registration based on secondary school certificates without requiring additional standardized tests like the YÖS or SAT. However, the high competition for admission requires the need for dedication and perseverance in securing a spot in this popular institution.

What are the tuition fees for medical study at Ankara Yildirim Beyazit Medical Faculty?

At Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, pursuing a medical degree requirs a financial commitment, with fees being 155,000 TL. However, it is not just about the figures; there are additional conditions to consider as well. For instance, while the language of instruction is English and a prep class is available, students must complete the English prep school within two years.

Failure to meet this requirement could lead to deregistration—a reminder of the importance of language proficiency in medical education. Moreover, fourth-year Medicine (Eng.) students must obtain a C1 Level Turkish Language Document, adding another requirement for your academic path.

What are the tuition costs for medical study at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine?

Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, another prestigious institution, sets its tuition fees at 150,000 TL annually for normal programs. This fee structure underscores the investment required for quality medical education in Turkey.

What are the tuition fees for medical study at Medipol University?

Medipol University offers its International School of Medicine with competitive tuition fees. For programs conducted entirely in English, the tuition fees stand at $40,000 per term annually plus an ADVANCE PAYMENT FEE of $36,000.

This pricing structure provides an alternative for students seeking diverse academic options at a relatively affordable cost. However, prospective students should carefully evaluate the curriculum, faculty expertise, and available resources to ensure a well-rounded educational experience aligning with their career goals.

What are the costs for medical study at Istanbul University – Cerrahpaşa?

Despite the modest tuition fees of 1000$, Istanbul University – Cerrahpaşa maintains a reputation for their high-quality education in the medical field. Its combination of affordability and academic excellence makes it an attractive option for international students.