What Language Requirements Are There for Medicine in Turkey?

Are you considering studying medicine in Turkey? Understanding the language requirements for medicine in Turkey is crucial for international students. This article explores the language prerequisites, examination options, and the necessity of Turkish proficiency for medical students in Turkey.

What Language Requirements Are There for Medicine in Turkey?
What Language Requirements Are There for Medicine in Turkey?

If you get accepted to study medicine in English at a university in Turkey, you have to prove that you cover the English requirements set by the universities. They want to prove that you can understand the lessons and express yourself in English. The requirements can be fulfilled in two ways. The first way is to certify that you have the required scores from internationally recognized exams. These exams need to be recognized by the university as well. This can be looked at on the websites of the universities.

Which internationally recognized English exams do universities accept?

  1. Oxford Test of English
  2. Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English
  3. International English Language Testing System Academic
  4. Test of English as a Foreign Language(TOEFL)

The other way is to take an exam done by the university, where you undergo exams in writing, hearing, and speaking. This exam is not difficult since many foreign students show good English skills in contrast to the average level of English in Turkey. I did have a Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English with a very high point but still chose the exam. The reason behind this is that you need to have a score above 90 to be freed by the English lessons done by the university.

Which internationally recognized English exams do universities accept?
Which internationally recognized English exams do universities accept?

The certificate independent from your score does not free you from these lessons. A score less than 90 and higher than 80 means that you have to join a two-hour English lesson every two weeks. A score of more than 60, but less than 80 means that you have to attend these lessons every week. I did not want to join the English lessons and chose to take the exam and got 95 points. The exam was not difficult at all. As I have experienced and heard from the other foreign students it was very easy for them too.

Do I need to know Turkish to study medicine in Turkey?

This is a question many people ask themselves when planning to apply for the medical course program at Turkey. Let me tell you that you are going to need to certify. They want that you can speak, write, and understand Turkish at a specific point of your study. You do not need to speak any Turkish in the first three years. Also, you do not have to gain a Turkish language certificate within that time. There is also no Turkish certificate required to apply for medicine study in Turkey, except if you are planning to study medicine in Turkey.

language requirements medicine turkey
Language Requirements – Medicine Turkey

You may ask yourself whether there are foreign people studying medicine in Turkish. The answer is YES! The same amount of places are reserved for foreign students in the English medical course program. The same amount is also reserved for foreign students in the Turkish medical course program. Most of the students in the latter program are from Turkic-language-speaking countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, or other adjacent countries with Turkic populations such as Iran.

Our university requires a C1 Turkish certificate for every foreign student for the fourth year, which is probably the same for other universities. The certificate can be obtained by any institution offering this kind of service. As I know there are no exclusive Turkish courses offered for medical students by our university. But, I think that there are general courses for students from different subjects. I do not have any difficulties in Turkish since I have learned the language from my parents. So, it is impractical for me to talk about the learning procedure.

How difficult is it to learn Turkish?

Our teachers often say that Turkish is not a difficult language based on the fact that it is written as it is spoken and the other way around. The foreign students I have met through the time can speak and understand Turkish in a good manner. Some I have met people, who watch Turkish media, hear Turkish songs, and seek to talk Turkish with the native students, can talk Turkish very well. Three years is enough time to learn another language and reach a specific level would I carefully say, but learning a language in addition to a demanding subject of study like medicine can be quite challenging at some point. The teachers are aware of this condition and are mostly not strict concerning language issues.

This does not mean that the teaching language from the fourth year until graduation will be in Turkish. It will be still in Turkish, but internships or practical lessons in the hospital will be in Turkish depending on your supervisor. Some continue to teach in English and some in Turkish. The exams are continuously held in English. You can learn more about the Turkish Proficiency exam on the side(https://www.yee.org.tr/en/content/turkish-proficiency-exam-tys)


In conclusion, interested students should carefully look for the language requirements for medicine in Turkey, considering options for English proficiency certification and Turkish language courses. Balancing language learning with the demands of medical studies is necessary for a successful academic path in foreign universities including Turkey.


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