People and Society of Turkey



How are the people and the society of Turkey? Turkish people are often characterized by their warm hospitality. Visitors to Turkey frequently remark on the genuine warmth and friendliness extended by locals, creating an inviting atmosphere that resonates throughout the country. From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the tranquil villages nestled in the countryside, the Turkish people are known for their welcoming nature, eager to share their culture and traditions with visitors.

People and Society of Turkey
People and Society of Turkey

What are my personal experiences with People and Society of Turkey?

It is not right to judge a whole country and its people based on your personal experiences with a bunch of people in a limited amount of time. However, it can provide an initial impression. As many tourists who visit Turkey can tell, Turkish people are known for their warm-hearted and hospitable mentality. Besides these impressions, I want to share more about my personal experiences and those of other foreigners. There are so-called “scammers” found in many highly active touristic regions like Istanbul or Antalya. People and Society of Turkey try to sell you things you probably do not need for a higher price. My best tip to handle these people is by avoiding starting any conversation. There are subjects I do not prefer talking about in Turkey. One of these subjects is politics.

Other foreign students will probably agree with my opinion. It is not due to their political views, but rather their tendency to take many things more personally than other people, especially when discussing domestic issues. International relations are usually in the “green” zone. They are interested in international politics and have solid knowledge of current as well as past events. When Turkey is involved in these topics, it can get impulsive sometimes. As I mentioned before, try to avoid interfering in internal politics. There are people you can talk with and people you should avoid talking with. It is not new that politics is a field with an unmanageable potential for harsh discussions. Additionally, to my low interest in politics, I do not prefer discovering the limits of anyone’s calmness.

Navigating Cultural Interactions

While interactions with locals can be overwhelmingly positive, it’s essential to approach certain aspects of Turkish society with sensitivity and awareness. One notable aspect is the presence of so-called “scammers” in highly touristic areas such as Istanbul and Antalya. These individuals may attempt to sell unnecessary items at inflated prices, prompting visitors to exercise caution and discernment in their interactions.

People and Society of Turkey
People and Society of Turkey

Politics and Conversation – – Turkey People and Society

A topic often best approached with caution in Turkey is politics. While Turkish people possess a keen interest and understanding of international affairs, discussions regarding domestic politics can evoke strong emotions and opinions. Foreign visitors, particularly students, may find it prudent to refrain from delving into contentious political topics to avoid inadvertently causing offense or discomfort.

Navigating Political Sensitivities – Turkey People and Society

The realm of politics in Turkey can be fraught with complexities, with divergent viewpoints and sensitivities shaping discourse. While many locals are well-versed in global political affairs, engaging in discussions related to internal politics can potentially lead to tensions or misunderstandings. It’s advisable for visitors to exercise discretion and respect when broaching such subjects, recognizing the nuanced dynamics at play.

Finding Common Ground

Despite potential sensitivities surrounding certain topics, there are ample opportunities for meaningful interactions and cultural exchange in Turkey. Whether bonding over shared interests, exploring historical landmarks, or savoring culinary delights, visitors can forge genuine connections with Turkish people that transcend linguistic or cultural barriers.


Q: Are Turkish people generally welcoming to foreigners?

A: Yes, Turkish people are renowned for their hospitality and warmth towards visitors. However, it’s essential to exercise caution in interactions, particularly in touristic areas where scams may be prevalent.

Q: Is it advisable to discuss politics with Turkish locals?

A: While Turkish people are often well-informed about global politics, discussions regarding domestic issues can be sensitive. Foreign visitors may opt to steer clear of such topics to avoid potential conflicts or misunderstandings.

Q: What are some cultural norms to be aware of in Turkey?

A: In addition to exercising discretion in political discussions, visitors should also familiarize themselves with Turkish customs, such as removing shoes before entering a home and addressing elders with respect.

In essence, navigating Turkey’s people and society requires a blend of cultural sensitivity, open-mindedness, and a willingness to embrace the rich tapestry of experiences that this captivating country has to offer. People can forge meaningful connections and gain deeper insights into the diverse mosaic of Turkish culture.