Shopping in Turkey: Exploring Fashion and Local Brands



Discover shopping in Turkey, where clothing becomes a budget-friendly delight, especially for those earning in higher currencies. See the price gap between foreign and local brands, shedding light on Turkey for shoppers.

What is the pricing like when shopping in Turkey?

Clothing is not expensive in Turkey when you earn in a much more valuable currency such as in euros and dollars. Brand-name clothes are not expensive as well then. There is a markable gap between the price for foreign branded clothes and native brands, even when both are produced in Turkey. The reasons are a fixed profit margin of the foreign countries and price-associated reputation. I prefer buying clothes from local brands due to their cheap price. Many people who have bought clothes in Turkey can most of the time state that local products are more qualitative than clothes from widely known products, produced in countries in South East Asia or even in Turkey.

Where to do Shopping in Turkey?
Where to do Shopping in Turkey?

Quality and Affordability with Turkish Brands

Maybe it sounds weird to say that so-called faked clothes from global players are more qualitative than their original version. That is just my experience! Clothing stores are found logically close to the city centers. It is not new that clothing stores have moved from the traditional clothing or fashion streets to the huge and modern shopping malls due to the simplicity of having all your needs in a building plus the lack of parking placed near the crowded clothing streets. With the people I have met, we usually hang up in the shopping malls, where we can choose between cinemas, fast-food chains, and clothing stores. Most of the time other activities are offered such as go-kart and laser-tag as well.

Shopping Mall in Turkey
Shopping Mall in Turkey


In conclusion, Turkey’s shopping landscape offers a unique blend of affordability and quality, with local brands shining alongside global players. As the clothing stores shift from traditional streets to modern malls, the Turkish shopping experience becomes a dynamic fusion of diverse options, reflecting the vibrant culture of this captivating destination. Experience the joy of shopping in Turkey, where every purchase tells a story of economic advantage and sartorial excellence.