Exploring the Delicious Foods of Turkey

What are the Delicious Foods of Turkey and Where Can You Find Them? This is maybe my most favorite subject to discuss. Food has always been an important part of my life. Raised by the best cook, I experienced the most delicious meals of Turkish cuisine. On the other side, I was confronted with German cuisine as well as other cuisine found in Germany, which is known for its meat dishes and sweet pastries.

During the second half of the 20th century, many people from different parts of southeast Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa migrated to Germany as so-called guest workers. They have brought their cuisine and culture into Germany, which shaped the food culture, especially street food culture there.

Ever heard of Turkish Breakfast? - Foods of Turkey
Ever heard of Turkish Breakfast? – Foods of Turkey

The reason for me telling this is to clarify my wide-ranging:) knowledge about different food cultures and flavors. To summarize my following text before describing the different delicious experiences I had in Turkey, I have eaten the most delicious street foods there so far.

Foods of Turkey – How many types of kebabs there are?

Ranging from hearty to super sweet dishes, Turkey has a lot for every type. Also, Turkey is known for its meat-dominant dishes, there is an exact variety of vegetarian dishes. The same dish can be prepared in diverse varieties according to the desire of every person. There is a famous dish called “Mantı”, which is a dumpling famous in Turkey and other Central Asian countries. This is served with meat filling as well as seasoned mashed potatoes.

Food of Turkey
Answer: There are more than 100 different Kebap types! – Food of Turkey

Another popular dish is “börek”, pastries filled with minced meat, brine cheese, or seasoned mashed potatoes. For most people, the first thing that comes to their mind when thinking about Turkish food is the Kebab. The seasoned meat is served in several ways. Some sources say that there are up to 100 different kebap types found in Turkey, from which no more than 10 types are served in many restaurants found in tourist cities. My favorite kebab is the “Beyti Kebab”.

Can you find international food chains in Turkey as well?

As in many countries all around the world internationally known fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, or Pizza Hut are also found in the fast-food culture in Turkey. So if you do not find suitable food for yourself, which I would not think of;), you can also fall back on these opportunities. Trust me, you will not starve there. Based on personal experiences, Turkish cuisine is a very suitable kitchen for diverse cultures all around the globe. It is not as exotic as many people would think.

It has been influenced by many diverse, especially the Central Asian, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European cuisines. Turkish cuisine is integrated into the fast-food culture. So, you can find takeaways serving traditional dishes in a broader public suitable manner and a quicker serving.