Everything you need to know about Medical Tourism Turkey


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Turkey is a famous Medical Tourism destination in seeking medical treatment abroad at lower prices than in their homeland. Particularly, aesthetic interventions are popular, such as hair transplantation, eye surgery, as well as dental surgeries like implants. This surge for more affordable medical treatments has allowed medical clinics to grow internationally and appeal specifically to foreign individuals.

What are the prices for medical tourism services in Turkey?

Personal observations indicate that cheap does not necessarily mean bad. Prices always have to be regarded in relation to others. So, the prices in Turkey are anything but cheap when comparing the minimum wage in Turkey and the overall buying potential there. However, in comparison to prices found in home countries like the EU or North America, prices in Turkey can be seen as very appealing.

What are the prices for hair transplantation in Turkey? $4,000 – $4,500!

Prices in the US for an average hair transplantation range from $4,000 to $15,000. Whereas in Turkey, they are known to be between $4,000 and $4,500. Why is there such a big difference? It is simply due to the personal costs related to the interventions, including staff, nurses, rent, and even the doctors. Whereas the minimum wage in the USA is $1,218 per month, the minimum wage in Turkey is around $550 in the year 2024. Please note that while many people in the USA receive more money than the minimum wage, similar to Europe, in Turkey, an estimated 57% earn the minimum wage.

What factors should be considered when seeking the appropriate clinic for medical tourism in Turkey?

When choosing a clinic for medical tourism in Turkey, consider key factors for a safe experience:

  1. Accreditation: Check for accreditation by reputable bodies like JCI for quality assurance.
  2. Medical Professionals: Verify the qualifications and experience of the medical staff.
  3. Infrastructure: Evaluate the clinic’s facilities and technology for modern medical care.
  4. Reviews: Read patient reviews to gauge overall satisfaction and treatment success.
  5. Specialization: Choose a clinic specializing in the specific procedure you need.
  6. Communication: Ensure effective communication with staff in a language you understand.
  7. Costs: Compare procedure costs, considering transparency and package inclusions.
  8. Location: Consider the clinic’s accessibility and proximity to essential amenities.
  9. Compliance: Verify legal compliance with Turkish healthcare standards.
  10. Follow-up Care: Inquire about post-operative care and follow-up services.
  11. Travel Assistance: Check if the clinic aids with travel arrangements and visas.
  12. Insurance: Clarify insurance coverage and liability policies associated with the medical package.

Thorough research on these factors will aid in making an informed decision, and consulting with your primary healthcare provider is advisable.

Beyond Price Tags of Medical Tourism in Turkey

Moreover, people are also attracted by the service itself, in addition to the lower prices. Not only are they picked up from the airport, but they also receive 24-hour support regarding any issue about the treatment or their entire stay. They are accommodated in a 5-star hotel, everything included in most cases. Obviously, this is not done for free and has been included in the price.

A Key Advantage of Turkey

Another aspect favoring Turkey for medical tourism is the experience the doctors have gained over time. Many doctors have begun to specialize in just one intervention, such as hair transplantation, making them masters in their field. The reports, as well as the reviews, seem to be highly positive and are important assets when choosing their location.

Cautionary Considerations

There is no intention to advertise for medical tourism in Turkey or anywhere.

Overall, it can be said that Turkey is a clever choice for medical tourism but needs to be viewed with concern. Not every clinic is professional and needs to be scrutinized regarding user reports found on trustworthy pages. The issue of getting treatment and post-op care should not be neglected, and can be difficult after having traveled back.