How is Student Life in Turkey?

How is Student Life in Turkey? Many individuals interested in pursuing higher education in Turkey might wonder about the study life in Turkey. From the busy streets of Istanbul, Ankara, or Izmir to the quiet corners of libraries. This exploration offers light on various aspects of student life, providing insights into education and the unique cultural aspects shaping the academic scene.

A Modern Campus or an Old-Fashioned Traditional Environment?

Choosing Between a New Campus and a Traditional Dispersed University Campus!. Our university is not a traditional campus university, where all the different faculties are gathered in a big space. Older universities are most of the time diffusely distributed around the city. Other universities in Ankara like the University of Ankara or Hacettepe University, which are some of the oldest universities in Ankara as well as in the whole of Turkey, have their different faculties located in different parts of the city.

Student Life in Turkey
Student Life in Turkey

The reason for this is the extension of the university through the years rather than a single-time construction of the university as once simultaneously to the structural and demographic development of Ankara. This diffuse pattern of Universities is seen in the larger cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, and Antalya as well. Over the past decade, new universities have emerged, gaining recognition, and Ankara Yildirim Beyazit Medical School(Yıdırım Beyazıt Tıp Fakültesi) is notably popular among international students.

The headquarters of my University is approximately 1 hour away from my faculty per public transportation. It is directly next to the state hospital of Ankara – BILKENT ŞEHIR HASTANESI – which is our corresponding research university as well.

Our faculty has its canteen in the same building. It offers a single meal per day, consisting of a soup, the main dish, and a dessert. The price costs 20TL as in all other state universities in Turkey due to governmental subsidy. In private universities, the prices change, but are still lower than in restaurants outside. Still, they are a bit higher than the price found in state facilities. Then we have a canteen selling canteen-specific things like toast, sandwiches, snacks and hot drinks for a low price.

Find the Best Place to Study: At Home or Library?

This is an important aspect of Student Life in Turkey. Most students study at their homes since it is the place where they feel most relaxed and calm. The people in my close social environment, as well as me, prefer studying at home. We can wear comfortable clothes and are free to rest any time we desire.

Student Life in Turkey
Student Life in Turkey

The second most popular place for students is the governmental libraries. In Ankara, there is a huge state library close to the most popular street, called “Yedinci cadde” – seventh street in Englisch. It is known for its student-friendly cafes, restaurants, bars, and more. This library is open the whole day, meaning 24/7 to allow students to study during the day as well as at night. It has a capacity of 1350 seats and its canteen. I have worked many times in this library. After I have eaten dinner at 6 p.m. in the dormitory, we move to the library, where we usually study until midnight.

Of course, we do breaks, which are often more than required;). The majority of the students are from the medicine and law. They are followed by a decent amount of students from the engineering departments since these have high standards and conditions. Additionally, to be a learning place, this library has become a meeting point for friends to visit cafes on Seventh Street afterward.

There are also much smaller private libraries with an entrance fee ranging between 20 and 15TL. A hot drink can be included in the price. They are not expensive and are much calmer than the much bigger governmental libraries. I have visited these private libraries only a few times since we are used to the state library. There is also a small library found in our faculty with a capacity of 50 seats. There students can learn during the breaks students and rent different books about medical study. I have never rented a book from there since I have the necessary book at home. But, some of my colleagues rented books to extend their sources during preparation for exams.


From hitting the books together to studying by yourself in the library. This perspective on student life gives you a straightforward look at what it’s really like – a mix of sportsmanship, friendship, and a drive to thrive academically