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Hoş geldiniz and Welcome! Medical Study in Turkey has gained popularity within the last years and has become a favorable destination for foreign students from all over the world. As a result of the high demand for medical study relative to the much lesser amount of available study places, the conditions for acceptance into the medical study have become very difficult in many countries. This has resulted in many students trying their luck as foreign students at universities in distant countries due to lesser requirements and more affordable prices.

The quality of education and attraction in Turkey provides an attractive environment for young students, who want to discover another country and culture additionally to their medical study. Still, it is not easy to fulfill all requirements correctly and apply the most appropriate way to increase the possibility of acceptance. Furthermore, it is of value to know more about the country itself regarding life, language, etc, since many years are being spent there. is an online guide for medical study in Turkey, including much detailed information about every facet regarding the medical study, application- and governmental procedures as well as life in Turkey.

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Medical Study In Turkey, Universities, Application And More ...
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The application procedure, which is also the initial step to study medicine in Turkey, has always been a difficult part on its own. It is not easy to gather all required documents, especially for people that have never done this before. Since many applications are received, the universities have become much stricter concerning completeness and validity. So, to increase the chance of getting accepted, the applicants have to inform themselves extensively and prepare their application as greatly as possible. Read More ...


University, Lectures, Exams And More ...
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Medical study is different around the world. Differences are seen in the general composition of the study including the lessons taken each year or the evaluation of the exams. It is important to know about the education system to prevent any future misunderstandings. Note that the recognition of the medical study received in Turkey is different around the world. Read More ...


Accomodation, Mobility, Activies And More ...
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Students, who think of studying in another country, should wisely inform themselves about the living conditions there. This means that aspects such as housing, transportation, and social circumstances like culture and tradition should be researched as well. Read More ...


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