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One day a group of foreign students talked about things they wished to have known before the application procedure for the medical study in Turkey. It would have been really helpful to have known someone who has helped them during the online application and the subsequent enrollment. These foreign students coming from all over the world, begin a new chapter in their lives and have decided to become this "somebody". When thinking about studying one of the most challenging subjects of studies in a foreign country, many questions begin to appear in mind. We hope to cover your questions in an interesting and informative manner to aid you during your journey.

The idea behind this website is not only to help you with your application, but we also try to do our best to inform you about the medical study in Turkey itself, the lifestyle, and our personal experiences. Think of it as a guide!;)

The information is gathered from many diverse sources such as the internet, interviews with people being a part of the application procedure, and of course our personal experiences. There are several sources on the internet covering this subject in general, but as we went through them during our application, they seemed to be kept in a very abstract language. There were no specific examples given and it resembled more a brochure from agencies than informative articles written by medical students themselves. So why not do it by ourselves?

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Some medical students, who study medicine in Turkey, created this webpage to guide people, who have chosen to go the same path. We aim to assist them during procedure like the application, governmental issues, and life in turkey. We are foreign students who come from different parts of the world and are currently studying medicine in Ankara, Turkey.

What are the sources of your information?

Information published on this website is based on knowledge found on the internet edited with our knowledge. It is more helpful to expand general facts with individual experiences to overcome difficulties, which occur when trying to apply theory into practice. Therefore we asked students from around the world, who entered the medical study in Turkey and study at different universities through different ways to cover a huge amount of potential questions of our readers.

Where are the images from? Can I use the images on your website?

Most of the pictures are from the following websites and and are free for commercial use. These pictures can be used according to their corresponding pixabay or pexels license. The website's pictures are not allowed to be used due to copyright and are marked like this.

Am I allowed to redistribute or use content on this webpage?

You are not allowed to use, edit or publish any content found on this webpage, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Please note that much time and effort was required to build up this webpage. Still, if you have any copyright concerning issues on this webpage, feel free to contact us through our contact form.


Content found on this webpage is unique and extensively created by, not allowing any redistribution, sharing and copying. Images not marked with a specific sign, are taken from the internet and are fully free to use for almost any purpose, including commercial purpose. Two sources, and, are used in full consideration of their respective licenses ( Liscene of pexels  and  Liscene of pixabay )


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Foreign medical students in Turkey assemble! We are a group of foreign medical students in Turkey, that build this webpage to help future students on this very same path... More

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