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The Application Procedure
February 22, 2021
Men in Hats

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The application period starts towards the end of spring and continues until the begin of autum, which slightly varies between the different universities. The specific dates are also available on the universities webpages. As an example the application period of my university had reached from the 15th of May to the 12th of July in year 2020. So you have enough time for the application. This should not deceive you. Some procedures such as the translation of your high school diploma or your exam results can take more time than expected. It took nearly a week for me to get the approval done, which can vary due tot he fact that many application dates overlap each other during these time periods. The earlier you start to prepare the required documents, the less you will stress yourself and become prone to mistakes. From my experience i can tell you that things does not always go as you planned.

The application is done online. Every university have their own application form the applicants apply through. There is no general application form, where you add your documents once and then set the universities the applicant wants his or her documents to be send as found in some countries such as Germany. The application forms resemble each other and are not difficult to navigate through. Many universities provide documents on their application sides, where a detailed template of the application procedure is shown with several pictures. Almost all application templates are in englisch. The online application itself does not take much time. It can actually be done in less than 20-30 minutes. Just keep in mind that most of the time only specific file types are allowed like pdf and the file should not exceed a specific size, which is shown after you have tried to upload a larger sized file than allowed. Most of the time the size limit of a particular file is set to 2MB.

There are online tools for editing your files like converting their types and adjusting their sizes. One example i used is . Almost all universities require a varying application fee, which was 150 TL / 30 Euros / 30 Dollars last year for my university. The application fee can be paid through a foreign bank account or a turkish bank abroad. The bank receipt has to be uploaded within the application form. Someone may think that this can be fade out, which is actually not the case and would waste the time you have spend for the purchase of the documents. Based on my experience i can say that the fees are not that high compared to other foreign universities i have applied for.

There is a document called certificate of equivalence. This is most of the time not required during the application, but is essential after you got accepted and enroll for your degree course. When I have applied for my university, a certificate of equivalence was not listed on the webpage under requirements. Still I tried to get this to increase my chance for one of the 40 contingents for the englisch medicine degree programm. Therefore i called the turkish consulate in the nearby city and asked for more information. We aggreed for an appointment and I went there. It did not take much time and the employee put a little red stamp on my high school, which means that my high school degree in Germany is equal to the particular high school degree in Turkey that is required to be enrolled into the medicine degree programm. I have also suggested this certificate of equivalence to the foreign student i have done the application for. He has undergone the same procedure and got finally accepted too.

In general i emphasize every applicant to build up the most complete and perfect application. Why? Imagine you are applying for one of the most desired course programms in the world, maybe “the” most desired course programms. The universities are receiving hundreds of applications. As you could guess there are quite many students with very good marks, who could easily be accepted. Furthermore i think that the completless of the documents plays an important role in the evaluation. I would personally choose a complete application than an incomplete evaluation showing great exam results due to the fact that a complete application emphasized validity.


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