How expensive are Medical School Costs in Turkey for 2024/2025?

What are the medical school costs in Turkey? Are there other factors i should consider as well? From tuition fees to living expenses, it’s essential to understand the costs associated with receiving a medical education in the country.

Medical School Costs in Turkey
How expensive are medical school costs in Turkey?

Tuition Fees at some Universities

As of 2024, tuition fees vary among different medical schools in Turkey. For example, Sağlık Bilimleri Üniversitesi charges approximately 82,812.00 Turkish Lira for local students, while Afyonkarahisar Sağlık Bilimleri Üniversitesi sets its tuition at 165,624 Turkish Lira.

What are the Atilim university tuition fees for international students?

For international students, Atilim University Ankara requires around 16,500 USD per year, and Medipol Üniversitesi charges $36,000 annually for foreign students.

UniversityLocationTuition Fees (International Students)
Sağlık Bilimleri UniversityIstanbul82,812.00 TL
Afyonkarahisar Sağlık Bilimleri UniversityAfyonkarahisar 165,624.00 TL
Atilim University AnkaraAnkara$16,500 USD
Medipol UniversityIstanbul$36,000 USD
9 Eylül UniversityIzmir100,000.00 TL
This table shows the tuition fees for international students at each medical school in Turkey in 2024.

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Additional Expenses beside Medical School Costs

In addition to tuition fees, students should budget for other expenses such as accommodation, textbooks, medical equipment, and transportation. Living costs can vary depending on the city and lifestyle, with larger cities typically having higher living expenses than smaller towns.

Financial Aid and Scholarships in Turkey

Many medical schools in Turkey offer financial aid packages and scholarships to help students cover their tuition and living expenses. These scholarships may be merit-based, need-based, or awarded for specific criteria such as academic excellence, leadership, or community service. Prospective students are encouraged to explore scholarship opportunities and financial aid options to help offset the cost of medical education.

Planning and Budgeting

Before enrolling in medical school, it’s essential to create a financial plan to manage expenses wisely. Consider factors such as tuition fees, living costs, transportation, and any additional expenses related to your education. By planning ahead, you can ensure that you have the financial resources to pursue your medical studies without economical difficulties.

Comparing Medical School Costs

When comparing the costs of medical schools in Turkey, it’s essential to consider not only the tuition fees. Also, the overall value and quality of education offered by each institution. Factors such as faculty expertise, research opportunities, clinical training facilities, and accreditation status should also be taken into consideration.


While pursuing a medical education in Turkey may require a significant financial investment, it can also open up doors to a rewarding and fulfilling career in healthcare. By understanding the costs, exploring financial aid options, and planning ahead, you can embark on your journey to becoming a healthcare professional with confidence and financial security.

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